Nintendo Is Now Hiring Graduates In 2018

Nintendo Is Now Hiring Graduates In 2018

Every year, Nintendo opens its doors to graduates fresh out of university, looking for jobs.

This year is no different as the company has just launched its recruitment page for undergraduates graduating by March 2019, providing details on who they’re looking for and what the company can do for them. In 2018, Nintendo is looking for graduates who are interested in the following fields:

Science and Technology (Game Development, System Development, Network Service Development, Internal IT System Development, Electric Circuit Planning, Mechanism Planning, Industrial Science, Intellectual Property)

Design (Game CG Design, UI/UX Design, Effect Design, Graphic Design, Product Design)

Sound (Music Composition, Sound Effects / Program Development)

Product Planning (Video Games, New Entertainment Planning Or Implementation)

Office Work (Accounting, Judicial Affairs, Intellectual Property, Human Resources, Publisher Affairs, Material Procurement, Interpreter, Sales, Overseas Sales Management)

Here’s a rough estimate of what graduates can expect for their initial monthly salary, based on their education level:

University PHD Degree: 258,000 yen (USD2407)

University Masters Degree: 243,000 yen (USD2267)

University Degree: 233,000 yen (USD2173)

Technical College / Other Tertiary Education: 211,500 yen (USD1973)

Bonuses will be distributed twice a year, once in June and once in December. Salary raise will be given every year in April. The average salary a Nintendo employee earned in 2017 (inclusive of bonuses and extra wages) is 9,280,000 yen (USD86,582).

As Nintendo is a big and recognized company in Japan and around the world, employees can expect benefits greater than what most other companies are able to offer.

All kinds of social insurance, residence assistance, severance payment, choice type welfare system, property accumulation savings, welfare loan, company housing loan, congratulations and condolences gift money, leave for childcare / caregiving, refresh day off (usually given after a major project is complete), paid vacation, etc.

Sanatorium at Fukui prefecture, club activities subsidy, etc

2 to 3 years after an employee has worked at Nintendo, they will be shifted to the Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. Depending on their assignment, they may have to work in Tokyo for 1 to 2 years after joining the company for the first time.

Working hours are fixed at Nintendo. The business day starts at 8:45am and ends at 5:30pm. Actual working hours for each day is 7 hours 45 minutes. Employees don’t have to come back to work on weekends or public holidays, and they can enjoy annual paid vacation leave, special leave, summer vacation leave, and New Year vacation leave.

As of 2017, there are currently 2189 employees working at Nintendo. The average employee age is 38.3, and each employee has worked for an estimated 13.9 years.

How tough is it to enter Nintendo, though? Every year, thousands of people apply to work at the company, but only 50 to 60 people are accepted in a year. The bulk of these 50 to 60 people go on to work at Nintendo’s Technology department, with the remaining handling office work.

Applications are scheduled to start from March 1, 2018 Tokyo Time. Visit the official site for more information.