Nintendo Plans To Keep Updating Animal Crossing: New Horizons For Years

Nintendo Plans To Keep Updating Animal Crossing: New Horizons For Years

Last week, Nintendo released the first major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, adding a boatload of new content to the game.

We of course know from official announcements that there are many more updates in the works for the title, but just how many are there planned? In an interview with CNET, Animal Crossing: New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku hinted that there is a lot of new content in the works for the game, enough to last players two to three years:

Animal Crossing is a game where you’re able to enjoy seasonal changes throughout the year, and it syncs with real time and through that you are able to basically sync your real life with the game. We want to make sure that in two years or three years down the road, players will still continue to find new surprises in the game. So we hope to create an update that you can do that with.

When asked whether there were any ideas the team left on the cutting room floor, Kyogoku once again reiterated their plans to continue adding “new surprises and elements” to the game.

I think the release version game has all the specs that we wanted to include in there. However, I mentioned earlier, because we want to make sure that users will be able to find new surprises and new gain elements as they play for years down the road, we wanted to make sure that we add something for that.

Possibly, this could mean that any ideas they couldn’t include in the release version are being worked on as content updates. However, the latter is just speculation. We will be sure to report on all the new official details as they come.

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