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e, h, etw, q, kz, va3, do, t, 3, u, Nintendo Share Price Skyrockets An Hour Before Reggie Announced His Retirement | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Share Price Skyrockets An Hour Before Reggie Announced His Retirement

Nintendo Share Price Skyrockets An Hour Before Reggie Announced His Retirement

Something very strange about Nintendo’s share price has been discovered today.

An hour before Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced his retirement and passing the baton over to Doug Bowser, Nintendo’s share price skyrocketed by 4% in just 15 minutes. This is considered very unusual activity:

A share price increases rapidly in a short span of time when many purchase orders come in, so someone could have known about the announcement in advance and bought many millions of shares in a few minutes. As to why they decided to do it today, we have no clue.

Keep in mind this only affected NTDOY in the US, which is 1/8th of Nintendo Co Ltd’s actual stock on the Tokyo exchange.

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