Nintendo Shares Rise By 5% After Analyst Suggests Apple To Buy Nintendo

Nintendo Shares Rise By 5% After Analyst Suggests Apple To Buy Nintendo

Tae Kim, a journalist for financial magazine Barron’s, has posted an interesting feature today.

In the feature, Kim suggests Apple, the maker of the iPhone and Mac, to use its massive war chest of over 130 billion dollars to acquire Nintendo. This suggestion came after Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote to shareholders that the company has 130 billion dollars to invest, but they have not mentioned any plans to acquire any company.

Kim’s reason for acquiring Nintendo is because it’d be the “ideal solution” to stop its shares from falling any further as Apple stock dropped by 33% in the last quarter due to poor iPhone Xr sales. There are several reasons why Nintendo would make a good company to be acquired by Nintendo, such as:

  1. Both companies are money printing machines
  2. Both companies have loyal customers and fans
  3. Nintendo is “like the twin” of Apple in Asia
  4. Apple has interest in the video game industry
  5. Nintendo has a library of successful franchises
  6. Nintendo games will fit perfectly with the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook)
  7. Nintendo will benefit from Nintendo Switch Online and the smartphone business
  8. Apple’s hardware would become more attractive with Nintendo software
  9. Nintendo is worth about USD40 billion, which Apple could afford

After the article on Barron’s went viral, investors bought up Nintendo shares, causing it to rise by 5%, even though Apple has no plans to buy the company yet.

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