Nintendo Shares That Bayonetta 3’s Development Is “Progressing Well”

Nintendo Shares That Bayonetta 3’s Development Is “Progressing Well”

As reported previously, fans have been speculating wildly about the development of Bayonetta 3 due to a lack of news about the title at E3 2021 – prompting frustration from PlatinumGames co-founder Hideki Kamiya. Well, such concerns have reached Nintendo’s top brass as well, and they’ve recently commented on the matter.

During an interview with GameSpot, Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff were queried about the state of the game, and whether it still even existed. In response, Bill assured the interviewer that the game was still indeed in development and was in fact “progressing well”:

“I will even go one further and say not only does it exist, but it’s progressing well…I think we have a habit of we like to show things whenever we’re ready to show them. And certainly, we like to show things when I think the developers are ready to show them. We didn’t have it here at E3, but stay tuned.”

Here’s the excerpt from the interview below (starts at 19:37):

As it stands, we’ll just have to wait until the game is ready to be shown to the world. Stay tuned!