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Special Director Shinji Hanato Becomes Outside Director At Marvelous | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Special Director Shinji Hanato Becomes Outside Director At Marvelous

Nintendo Special Director Shinji Hanato Becomes Outside Director At Marvelous

Today we have an interesting piece of news to share with you about Nintendo and Marvelous Games in Japan.

Shinji Hanato, originally a special representative director taking care of the business department at Nintendo, has been named an external director at Marvelous Games. This seems to be the first time a former Nintendo director has taken up duties at another major third party video game development company and publisher in Japan.

Although we expect no major changes with Hanato taking up the job, let’s hope Marvelous Games will continue to pump out more Nintendo Switch games in the years to come.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.