Nintendo Switch Heading To Turkey, Costs Almost USD500

Nintendo Switch Heading To Turkey, Costs Almost USD500

A few years ago, the official Nintendo distributor for Turkey abruptly left the market due to the country’s financial situation.

CD Media, a new distributor, has been assigned as Turkey’s new Nintendo distributor. Today they have announced the prices for Nintendo Switch, accessories, and games, but they don’t look very good:

Nintendo Switch Gray / Neon Blue/Neon Red Console: 2,399 TL (USD489)

Joy-Con Gray / Joy-Con Neon Red (L)/Neon Blue (R): 559 TL (USD115)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: 499 TL (USD102)

Super Mario Odyssey : 379 TL (USD78)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 329 TL (USD67)

As Turkey isn’t a very wealthy country, Nintendo fans are upset by the staggeringly high prices. It costs at least 1.5 times to purchase a Nintendo Switch or pair of Joy-Con in Turkey compared to someone living in the United States.

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