Nintendo Is Taking Orders For Custom Hanafuda And Playing Cards

Nintendo Is Taking Orders For Custom Hanafuda And Playing Cards

Besides offering customizable Nintendo Switch sets to the public, Nintendo has been quietly offering a service which many have been unaware of for years – custom playing cards.

Nintendo was the very first company in Japan to manufacture Trump playing cards in 1902, and they’ve been doing so up till this day with Mario and Pokemon characters.

Companies and individuals who are interested in creating their very own original high quality playing cards may do so by approaching Nintendo. Besides playing cards, Nintendo offers custom Hanafuda and Karuta too.

Here are a few examples of Nintendo’s work.

Playing cards for Modern Pets. Choosing this option (which we assume is the cheapest) lets customers customize the exterior of the playing cards box.

Playing cards for Pokemon Center Kyoto. Picking this option will allow customers to customize the Joker, Queen, King cards and the design of the box.

Playing cards for niconico. Probably the most expensive choice, this option lets the customer customize the design of every playing card and its box.

Besides the cards, customers will be able to pick between a black or white case (either choice has a Nintendo logo at the back). Additional options include a hard sleeve for the case and a paper tack case.

A minimum order of 1000 units is required to make your very own customizable playing cards, and it takes around 54 days from production to delivery. Ask for a quote by contacting Nintendo here.

If the 1000 units requirement exceeds your budget, you can always check out Nintendo’s playing cards featuring their characters from Amazon here (eligible for international shipping).