Nintendo Will Continue To Curate The Nintendo eShop

Nintendo Will Continue To Curate The Nintendo eShop

Unlike Steam, Nintendo has always curated their Switch and 3DS eShops to ensure that games that made it into the eShop are of a certain standard and that consumers can find the content they want on the consoles.

Speaking to Forbes, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime said that Nintendo will continue to curate the Nintendo eShop and promote third party games on it. He believes that if developers share their positive stories on the Switch, it will continue to drive more top-level content.

Perez: Yeah, I was going to mention the indie marketplace. In the news right now, there’s not really a gatekeeper for Steam, and it really is like a flooded marketplace. Do you feel like that opens up an opportunity for Nintendo and its eShop?

Fils-Aimé: Well, look, for us, we want to focus on the things that we can control. And so, we want to enable strong curation. We’ve added additional merchandising elements within the Nintendo Switch eShop to make it easier for consumers to find the content they want on the device. The news feature that we have is a great way to highlight new content. We do things from an overall marketing standpoint as I touched on. We’ve done Nintendo Directs focused purely on independent developer content. So we have a variety of different ways to help our content be noticed and to be purchased by the consumer. I believe if we continue to do that well, then ultimately the developers will have success and they’ll have shared their positive stories and that’ll drive even more of the top-shelf content appearing on the device. The fact that Tuesday we launched Hollow Knight for the platform, the fact that we’re going to be the first home console with Killer Queen Black coming next year, you know these are all examples of our commitment to the indie development community. And certainly we’re loving the results.