Nintendo’s Mobile Games Have Hit $1 Billion In Lifetime Player Spending

Nintendo’s Mobile Games Have Hit $1 Billion In Lifetime Player Spending

It looks like Nintendo’s growing collection of mobile titles have hit their next great milestone again!

Sensor Tower has released new data on the company’s 6 mobile ventures so far, which have now raked in a total of $1 billion in player spending overall! Of all the games, Fire Emblem Heroes was the biggest earner despite having one of the smallest install bases compared to Nintendo’s other titles. Still, Other titles such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost weren’t slouching around, either!

Here are the highlights of the data below:

  • Data counted across App Store and Google Play
  • 6 games combined have amassed 452 million downloads worldwide
    • Super Mario Run has 244 million downloads
    • Mario Kart Tour has 147 million downloads
    • Fire Emblem Heroes accounts for 4 percent of total downloads
  • $656 million, or 61 percent, has come from Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp accounts for 12 percent
  • Dragalia Lost accounts for 11 percent
  • Mario Kart Tour accounts for 8 percent
  • Super Mario Run accounts for 7 percent
  • Dr. Mario World accounts for less than 1 percent
  • $581 million comes from Japan
  • $316 million comes from the U.S.

Do keep in mind that this data doesn’t include the $800 million earnings of Pokemon GO – which is run by Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

Nevertheless, these figures are impressive overall. We can definitely see Nintendo continue to lean on mobile if this keeps up!