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Splatoon 3 Yet Says Series Producer | NintendoSoup
No Plans For Splatoon 3 Yet Says Series Producer

No Plans For Splatoon 3 Yet Says Series Producer

As Spatoon 2 hosts its final Splatfest at the end of this week, Splatoon 1 and 2 producer Hisashi Nogami shared details about the state of Nintendo’s runaway success in the shooter genre.

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu magazine, Nogami shared that Splatoon 2 development began right after the first game was released.

But development for Splatoon 2 has been continuous with the Octo Expansion and constant updates so they haven’t thought about a future installation in the series.

Though Nogami says the team would “like to return the favor” to everyone who has supported the game. So it sounds like Splatoon 3 is still a possibility.

Here are some translation highlights of the interview with special thanks to BlackKite along with Famitsu and Ryokutya.

Feature additions are over at version 5.0.

Weapon and stage additions as well as Splatfests are over. Balance adjustments and Monthly League Matches will continue.

Splatoon 2’s production started moving right after 1 was released. Now we also had production for Octo Expansion so we’re fully focused on the updates, and we still haven’t thought of the future.

For future plans, we’ll think of them after everything is over.

We’re not yet at a phase where we can make a promise, but we’d like to return the favor in some sort of way to many people who have supported us. If you continue to support us, it might turn into reality.

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