No Plans To Bring Shenmue III To Switch Yet

No Plans To Bring Shenmue III To Switch Yet

During an interview with Shenmue III director Yu Suzuki, the director was asked by French website Gameblog whether there were any plans of bringing the game to Nintendo Switch.

Suzuki responded that they have nothing planned at the moment. The full interview can be found below.

Gameblog: When Shenmue III was announced back in 2015, it was slated for PS4 and PC. Since then, the Switch was released – it’s a hit and players ask for every game on Switch. Is it possible, and not necessarily in 2018, for Shenmue III to be released on Switch?”

Suzuki: It’s classified information (laughs).

(We were starting to ask the next question when Yu Suzuki interrupts)

Suzuki: Excuse me, wait a second. Regarding Switch, I would like to say that nothing is planned for the moment.