Noahmund Heading To Switch In The West

Noahmund Heading To Switch In The West

BadLand Publishing has revealed they’re bringing tactical RPG Noahmund to Nintendo Switch in the west very soon.

No word on release date and pricing yet. The game was previously announced for a 2018 release in Japan.

Check out the trailer and details below.

Dive into a new world and discover the mysteries of Synchrony. Fight with Motion Battle Chess, an original battle system that mixes strategy and real-time action. Connect to a deeply emotional story of love and war, accompanied by a touching soundtrack influenced by the classic JRPGs. Synopsis: Love, fear, and fire… The war in Feros drives the fate of Galina Angstroud, an agent of Shinn who takes up the battle to fight against the most powerful weapon of Salaber. Accompanied by her guardian, Berani Valenti, she embarks on a journey for the truth and salvation.


  • Explore a huge dungeon through a classic board game node-based exploration system and solve puzzles with main characters unique skills!
  • Fight with Motion Battle Chess! The revolutionary battle system that mixes real time action with tactical grids.
  • Discover a new mythology created from zero, driven by a powerful story and accompanied twice awarded soul-touching soundtrack.