Noel The Mortal Fate Announced For Switch

Noel The Mortal Fate Announced For Switch

If you like adventure games, dark plots, or indie JRPGs in general, then this announcement is for you: PLAYISM has announced that they’re bringing Noel The Mortal Fate to the Switch!

There’s no release date or price just yet, but we do have an overview of the game. Read up on what it’s all about below:

This is a story about the revenge of a girl who lost her arms and legs to a devil…

Noel The Mortal Fate is a charismatic adventure game developed by Kanawo with RPG Maker. After its success in Japan, as well as gaining a manga adaption, Noel The Mortal Fate is now available worldwide on Steam in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese with seasons 1 – 7 available now in one package.

Noel Cerquetti, a girl who lost her arms and legs in a contract, works together with the great devil Caron, to get her revenge against one man.

This man – dubbed the “pride of the citizens” – is Burrows, the mayor of LaPlace.

Why is this girl furiously seeking revenge against this unrivalled man, loved by the people for bringing peace to LaPlace that was once overrun by the mafia?

While unsteady without her limbs, Noel doesn’t give up on her path of revenge, as Caron watches mercilessly, at times risking his own life to support her.

With vengeance, the pair begins their chase after Burrows.

If you’re interested in trying out the game now, Noel The Mortal Fate is currently available for PC via Steam in both English and Japanese. Seasons #01 to #07 launched in a single package in May 2018, and Season #08 followed in October 2018. Seasons #09, #10, and #11 have yet to be translated or released via Steam. You can also visit the official Japanese website here.