“Do Not Forgive Nintendo” Hashtag Goes Viral In Japan

“Do Not Forgive Nintendo” Hashtag Goes Viral In Japan

Nintendo has started facing public backlash after announcing its lawsuit against Japanese mobile app company Colopl for allegedly infringing on 5 tech patents in its popular mobile RPG, White Cat Project.

The lawsuit seeks USD40 million in compensation from Colopl, as well as the termination of White Cat Project’s distribution on Google Play and the App Store.

Many fans of White Cat Project did not take the announcement of the lawsuit well. A hashtag called “Do Not Forgive Nintendo” started trending in Japan to protest against the lawsuit. It became the most retweeted hashtag in the country at 62,766 tweets.

However things started to take a strange turn… here’s what some users have to say.

“Thanks to (Nintendo’s) atrocious conduct of releasing the god-like Switch console alongside the god-like Zelda (Breath of the Wild) game, I had no spare time left in 2017. #DoNotForgiveNintendo”

“‘The cartridge has a lifespan’, ‘The save battery lasts for 10 years’, all of these rumors from my childhood aren’t LIES! The new Famicom and Super Famicom carts in my house are still lively and well! Please make durable products! Damn it. #DoNotForgiveNintendo”

“Selling an endless amount of good games… please quickly announce new titles this year so I can support you. #DoNotForgiveNintendo”

Looks like things have turned out for the better as Japanese people of all ages started using the hashtag to relieve their Nintendo memories. Some even used it as an opportunity to ask Nintendo to announce new titles for 2018!

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