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Octopath Traveler Cafe Is Opening In Japan

Octopath Traveler Cafe Is Opening In Japan

Square Enix Cafe Tokyo is about to transform into Octopath Traveler Cafe for a limited time.

Fans of Octopath Traveler can visit the Octopath Traveler Cafe anytime between June 30 and August 10, 2018.

Let’s take a look at the food and beverages menu (all prices inclusive of 8% sales tax). Everything you see below is inspired by the characters or food of Octopath Traveler!

Octopath Rice Bowl – 980 yen

It may look like your typical Okinawan-style “taco rice” at first glance, but the “meat” is actually seasoned ground octopus! It may sound odd, but the taste quickly won over the hearts of the entire development team. A true culinary masterpiece worthy of the Octopath name!

Octopath Takoyaki Fondue – 790 yen

A twist on the popular Japanese street food, this dish features fried popovers filled with succulent diced octopus and fondue cheese, seasoned with okonomiyaki sauce and spicy cod roe mayonnaise. Topped with parmesan cheese and oven baked, the dish is sure to delight discerning travelers from all over!

Hunter’s Platter – 950 yen

Goat’s Milk Cheese and Highlands Bread – 930 yen

Olberic’s home in the Highlands is notable for its wild goat population, and the rich cheese made from their milk has been one of the warrior’s favorites since childhood. Enjoy it on thickly sliced bread and topped off with a drizzle of honey.

Sacred Flame Bean Soup – 860 yen

This simple-yet-hearty dish is a staple at the Church, where Ophelia has served since her early years. With lentil beans in a tomato and consomme broth, it’s sure to warm the heart and soul. Includes a small bun for added nourishment.

Stolen Apple Sherbet Brûlée – 880 yen

As a thief, Therion doesn’t have much occasion to cook, but he sure likes his apples. We sliced one in half, made it into sherbet, then topped it off with custard and torched it to caramelize the surface. Around it, you’ll find multicolored gelatin beans representing the four dragonstones he seeks.

Tavern-Style Chicken à la Primrose – 1000 yen

A roast chicken dish popular in Master Helgenish’s tavern in Sunshade. Always looking for ways to make a few quick leaves off his star dancer, he ordered his chef to come up with a distinctive wine-based sauce named after her. Sure enough, the dish quickly became a favorite with the ruffians and street toughs who frequent the establishment.

Sandwich of Ultimate Knowledge – 950 yen

Cyrus is a fan of sandwiches, which are perfect for snacking while you study. This one features pastrami layered between slices of bread decorated to resemble the tomes of ancient knowledge he so craves.

Medicinal Herb and Fruit Salad – 840 yen

A salad made from only the healthiest ingredients, as selected by Alfyn himself. Revitalize yourself with healing grapes and olives of life, and mix the accompanying dressing and thyme as you like to concoct your perfect topping.

Treasure Trove Parfait – 930 yen

Topped with yuzu jelly, cassata cake, and a chocolate coin, this dessert is a veritable treasure chest. Rumors that simply eating this will improve your luck in trade are dubious at best, but there’s no doubting that it’s one of Tressa’s favorites.

Alfyn Greengrass – 790 yen

Besides food, the Octopath Traveler Cafe will be offering a huge lineup of exclusive Octopath Traveler merchandise and non-exclusive products.

Here are the products exclusive to the cafe (all prices inclusive of tax):

Octopath Traveler Original Artwork: 33,000 yen

Octopath Traveler Post Card Set: 1300 yen

Octopath Traveler Clear File Set: 1200 yen

Octopath Traveler Acrylic Keychain: 850 yen each

Octopath Traveler Can Badge: 300 yen each

Octopath Traveler Mug: 1620 yen

Items that are not exclusive to the cafe can be read here.

As with any other theme cafe, a few promotions will be carried out at Octopath Traveler Cafe.

For every Octopath Traveler food item ordered, customers will receive one of the following luncheon mats (the first three designs are available from June 30 to July 20, while the last three are from July 21 to August 10).

For every Octopath Traveler beverage ordered, customers will receive one of the following coaster designs. There’s a secret design yet to be revealed.

And here’s something special for owners of the Octopath Traveler game. Bring your Nintendo Switch to the cafe and show the cashier your Nintendo Switch while Octopath Traveler is running on it to receive a special sticker for free. You’ll be able to choose the character you want. While stocks last.

Lastly, customers who spend 5000 yen and above on Octopath Traveler merchandise will receive a replica of the Leaf Coin!

You can visit the Octopath Traveler Cafe, formally known as Square Enix Cafe Tokyo, below:

ヨドバシAkiba 1階

1-1 Kanda Hanaokacho | 1F Yodobashi Akiba, Chiyoda 101-0028, Tokyo Prefecture

Phone: +81 3-6206-4141