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sq, Octopath Traveler Producer Was Swarmed With Emails To Add Chinese Support | NintendoSoup
Octopath Traveler Producer Was Swarmed With Emails To Add Chinese Support

Octopath Traveler Producer Was Swarmed With Emails To Add Chinese Support

Octopath Traveler producer Masashi Takahashi recently shared his thoughts on Famitsu’s survey results for Octopath Traveler, comparing how Japanese and international users reacted to the game.

In the final part of the interview, Takahashi revealed he and other Octopath Traveler received 100 emails on the week of Octopath Traveler’s launch. As 100 emails is no joke, he was worried there could be a major bug in the game.

Turns out that out of the 100 emails, 95 emails were sent by Chinese users, requesting Square Enix to add Chinese support for the game. Takahashi, however, did not promise whether they’d localize the game for the Chinese market in the future.

Chinese gamers have been extremely vocal about localizing Octopath Traveler, given that the game is not easy to understand in English and some have even compared it to the national exam.

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