One-Way Ticket Announced For Nintendo Switch

One-Way Ticket Announced For Nintendo Switch

Zodiac Interactive has announced visual novel One-Way Ticket will be heading to Nintendo Switch in June 2019.

One-Way Ticket, a text adventure game inspired from the events surrounding Chinese fishing boat Lurongyu 2682, will be subtitled in both English and Japanese when it reaches Switch next month.

Check out the trailer and details:

One-Way Ticket is a text AVG game based on a true-story. On an ocean fishing vessel, when unsocialized human beings tore off their masks, this narrow and isolated space fall into a violence and brutal abyss. With hundreds of CGs and scenes, this real and relentless ocean trip is perfectly revealed.

One-Way Ticket is a visual novel loosely based around actual events. A group of men and women, isolated at sea on a long-distance fishing vessel, suddenly find their very humanity at stake as crew members begin turning up dead.

Featuring hundreds of detailed scenes and scenarios, the relentless ocean voyage is vividly brought to life. From Japan to the Solomon Islands, this promising South Pacific fishing journey may only require a one-way ticket!