Oninaki Receives Gameplay Trailers Focusing On The Daemons Wil, Zaav, & Treize

Oninaki Receives Gameplay Trailers Focusing On The Daemons Wil, Zaav, & Treize

Square Enix has released more gameplay trailers for Oninaki focusing on the Daemons Wil, Zaav and Treize.

As revealed, each Daemon in Oninaki represents a different weapon type. Wil allows Kagachi to wield axes and bestows him the utmost offensive power. Zaav, meanwhile, wields spears and enables Kagachi to leap into the air. Lastly, Treize makes use of chains to attack the monstrous opponents.

Learn more about Oninaki’s Daemons and customization systems here.

Oninaki, the upcoming all-new action-RPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, will be hitting the Nintendo Switch on August 22.

Watch the videos below:


A cheerful Daemon who’s easy to like, though dealings in his past life have left it difficult for him to trust others. Wil still holds distant memories of roaming far and wide, a time of great joy mixed with bitter hatred. Able to crush foes through stern defenses, he boasts the most offensive power of any Daemon, and he can use his massive axes to block incoming attacks.


A Daemon with a strong sense of justice and unwavering honesty. Even in death, the inner turmoil Zaav felt in life is evident within him. He still holds distant memories of hatred suffered and deep regrets. Zaav wields spears as he charges into the fray, and he doesn’t flinch at taking a few hard hits. He can also leap into the air, enabling him to attack from land or sky.


A Daemon with an unending thirst for knowledge. He will show deep fascination in everything except for matters relating to human society. He has faint memories of people looking at him with strange looks. Treize wields his chain blades deftly and in a free manner, and specializes in dealing status effects. He can also use his chains midair for a quick burst of speed.