Orange Island Funded On Kickstarter, Closing In On Switch Stretch Goal

Orange Island Funded On Kickstarter, Closing In On Switch Stretch Goal

Game developer Birthday Boy has successfully hit their funding goal for 8-bit retro platformer Orange Island, meaning that the game will be developed for Steam.

The Kickstarter campaign, which ends in about two weeks, has a few important stretch goals left to hit. These include the NES Homebrew port stretch goal at GBP34,000 and the Nintendo Switch port stretch goal at GBP49,000. At the time of writing, over GBP31,000 has been pledged to the campaign.

Check out details about the game below:

Orange Island is being designed and developed by Ted Sterchi as a completely authentic 8-bit experience.

Explore a mysterious island with five unique characters to stop an impending war. Discover relics from an ancient civilisation to enhance your abilities while solving mind-bending puzzles.

  • An engaging 5+ hour story adventure told via cutscenes and conversations
  • Five playable characters with unique magical abilities and stats
  • 8-bit graphics, audio, and gameplay authentic to the NES
  • A unique pastel pixel art style
  • Numerous connecting areas with varying challenges and enemies
  • Engaging platforming puzzles
  • Open-world side-scrolling exploration with towns, inns, and shops
  • Many additional side-quests to be found and completed
  • Diverse characters and themes created by a queer developer
  • No loot boxes, micro-transactions, or other nonsense ?

Visit the Kickstarter campaign here.