Overwatch’s Director Would Love To See Link Cameo In The Game

Overwatch’s Director Would Love To See Link Cameo In The Game

Could Nintendo’s colourful cast fit into the stylish world of Overwatch? Well, the game’s director Jeff Kaplan definitely seems to think one of its characters is a good fit!

In a new rapid-fire interview with GameInformer, Kaplan answered 110 questions about the franchise in quick succession. He touches upon various topics – but eventually comments on some of his pipe dreams (at 3:10 of the video).

When askedwhich Overwatch hero should be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kaplan re-iterated his desire to see Tracer added to the crossover fighting game. The question was then reversed, however – and Kaplan was questioned about which Smash Bros. fighter he would like to see roaming the battlefield of Overwatch instead:

Q: …which Smash Bros. Ultimate character would you want in Overwatch?

A: Nothing would make me happier than putting Link into our game.

What do you think? Would the sword-wielding hero Link be a great fit for Overwatch, or does any other character deserve it more? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

(Wondering where the image above comes from? You can check out an awesome fan-made trailer of Link as an Overwatch-style hero over here!)