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Paladins Updated With New Champion Koga On Nintendo Switch

Paladins Updated With New Champion Koga On Nintendo Switch

Hi-Rez Studios has pushed out a new Version 1.3 update for Paladins to Nintendo Switch.

The new update brings tons of new content, bug fixes, and features. A new champion, called Koga, has been added to Paladins as part of this update.

Full patch notes can be found right below:

  • NEW Champion – Koga, the Lost Hand
  • NEW Team Deathmatch Map – Abyss
  • Throne from Abyssal Spire is now a Custom Team Deathmatch Map
  • Multi-Queue is back!
  • Yes, that means that Team Deathmatch and Onslaught Queues have been separated 🙂
  • Battle Pass #2!
    • 25% Faster
    • 100% more unlocks (100+ in total)
    • 1 month longer to complete
    • Cooler Challenges (and maybe a secret?)
    • 3 Epic Skins
  • Cosmetic Wheel, so you have more ways to show off after eliminating your opponents
  • New Ranked Split
  • You know that thing where you’re making a Loadout, the queue pops, then you get sad because you can’t finish the loadout before the match? Now you can – until all the other players have accepted!
  • Rise of Furia is ending with 1.3, this is your last chance to unlock Abyssal Lord Drogoz forever!

Bug Fixes


  • Bomb King
    • Grumpy Bomb no longer deals 3x damage to Shields.
  • Drogoz
    • Updated Booster Audio whicher was quieter than intended to enemy players.
  • Furia
    • Fixed an issue where Furia’s Wrings of Wrath Projectiles were sometimes tracking and moving through walls.
    • Fixed an issue where Solar Blessing could sometimes heal shields.
    • Fixed an issue where Pyre Strike would not display on Low Particle Settings.
    • Updated Furia’s German Lore
  • Kinessa
    • Kinessa’s scope overlay now properly shows 6 bullets instead of 5.
  • Khan
    • Fixed an issue where Khans Unimpressed Emote would freeze before it began clapping.
  • Mal’Damba
    • Updated Mending Spirits Hit Registration Audio which was quieter than intended.
  • Skye
    • Updated Surprise Attack description to better convey function.
  • Strix
    • Updated Footsteps Audio which was louder than intended to enemy players.


  • Addressed a problem in Team Deathmatch where on initial spawn, teammates would sometimes not spawn near each other.
  • Ascension Peak
    • Improved collision around center pillars
  • Foreman’s Rise (Custom Team Deathmatch)
    • Improved spawn points to improve gameplay flow and prevent spawn camping.
  • Frog Isle
    • Fixed a collision bug where players could partly clip into a pillar.
    • Improved general Collision around the map.
  • Jaguar Head
    • Improved general Collision around the map.
  • Magistrate’s Archive (Custom Team Deathmatch)
    • Improved spawn points to improve gameplay flow and prevent spawn camping.
  • Shooting Range
    • Fixed collision bugs where players could clip into walls.
  • Snowfall Junction
    • Removed clutter to improve performance and collision.
  • Trade District
    • Modified spawn points to improve gameplay flow.


  • Disabled ‘Ratings’ Tab in profile
  • Fixed multiple animations on various characters not properly scaling camera animation when the associated animation was sped up (for instance, reload animation while Deft Hands is equipped).
  • Fixed gamepad keybind prompts showing up in weird orders.
  • Fixed an issue where some shots on the server were occasionally using different accuracy values on the server, causing some hits to be denied.
  • Turned off Beta Player Achievement.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranked progress bar was stuck in place.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy mount footstep audio was too quiet compared to other game sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where text for the Report Window did not wrap in the text box.
  • Fixed Master Collector Award to now say ‘Talents’ instead of ‘Cards’.

Console only

  • [Switch] Fixed issue with B button not backing out of Battle Pass purchase window.