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2019 On Switch | NintendoSoup
Panic Button Working On Enhanced Version Of Torchlight II, Heading Fall 2019 On Switch

Panic Button Working On Enhanced Version Of Torchlight II, Heading Fall 2019 On Switch

Perfect World Entertainment and Panic Button revealed today the revival of a cult-classic Torchlight II for Switch!

The classic ARPG is slated for release on consoles in Fall 2019 and is now currently in development. As revealed, Panic Button has been hard at work to deliver an enhanced version of the classic dungeon crawler. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Torchlight II has first seen its release on PC’s in 2012 and has since gained a cult-like following in the gaming world. Now, a new generation of gamers will finally experience this classic when it launched on new platforms later in the year.

Check out the 2012 launch trailer (courtesy of Runic Games) and announcement below:

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of live service games, and developer Panic Button announced a partnership to bring the fan-favorite Torchlight II to brand new platforms. The team is working on an enhanced version of Torchlight II, which will launch on consoles this fall. Soon console players will be able to discover why this classic ARPG dungeon crawler became such a fan-favorite when Runic Games released it on PC in 2012. Additional details on Torchlight II will be revealed soon.

“Over the years Torchlight II has a gained a cult-like following amongst even the most hardcore of ARPG fans. We’re so excited to work with Perfect World Entertainment on bringing these fan favorites on new platforms, for a new generation of gamers.”

– Andy Boggs, Technical Director at Panic Button.

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