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38t, z, y0, yd, 4, w, x, y1, u26, PDI Check Is a Game That Costs $99.99 On The Nintendo 3DS eShop | NintendoSoup
PDI Check Is a Game That Costs $99.99 On The Nintendo 3DS eShop

PDI Check Is a Game That Costs $99.99 On The Nintendo 3DS eShop

It seems we have some strange news as a game by the name of PDI Check has recently released on the US Nintendo 3DS eShop for the small price of $99.99.

It isn’t clear why the game costs so much on the eShop or how it even got past Nintendo’s quality control but it is still quite funny to see.

Check out the description of the game below:

PDI Check is a multi-choice interactive game that uses the unique three-dimensional color screen of the Nintendo 3DS system to quickly and accurately measure visual acuity, color vision and stereopsis.

Check out some gameplay below:


What do you think? Let us know in the comments.