Pikachu Mooncake Hitting Hong Kong This August

Pikachu Mooncake Hitting Hong Kong This August

As you know, The Pokemon Company has collaborated with many food and beverage companies in the past to make Pokemon cakes and barley tea.

Today, we have learned that The Pokemon Company has worked together with Arome Bakery in Hong Kong to make an officially licensed line of Pikachu Custard Mooncake. Mooncake are pastries enjoyed by the Chinese people during Mid Autumn Festival.

What makes the Pikachu Custard Mooncake so special is its Poke Ball design and custard filling. Mooncake are typically filled with red bean paste:

Four pieces of Mooncake come inside a Pikachu box:

One box costs HKD135 and comes with a special tote bag:

The Pikachu Custard Mooncake is scheduled to be delivered between July 20 and August 25, 2019 depending on when customers place an order.

Pre-order here (ships within Hong Kong).