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69, z, z, 0, dz, x, nz, 7ja, a, ib5, kk6, odr, bm2, fb, rvu, io, vk, 5pp, Piofiore No Banshou -ricordo- Heading To Switch In 2019 | NintendoSoup
Piofiore No Banshou -ricordo- Heading To Switch In 2019

Piofiore No Banshou -ricordo- Heading To Switch In 2019

Idea Factory has announced yet another visual novel that they are bringing to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

The visual novel is Piofiore No Banshou -ricordo-, which was originally released for PS Vita several years ago. Piofiore No Banshou -ricordo- will cost 6804 yen (inclusive sales tax) at retail and Nintendo eShop.

The Limited Edition will be priced at 8964 yen (inclusive sales tax) and include a copy of the game, special drama CD, and illustration. All launch copies include a drama CD different from the one in the Limited Edition.

Details on what the Switch version contains will be available at a later date. In the mean time check out some trailers of the game below: