Platinum Reveals “Project GG” For All Existing Platforms

Platinum Reveals “Project GG” For All Existing Platforms

As promised, Platinum Games has revealed the next big project they have in the works in the latest issue of Famitsu.

According to some preliminary translations, the game is codenamed “Project GG” and is planned to launch on “all existing platforms”, presumably including the Switch. The title is set to be the third in the “Hero Trilogy” following Viewtiful Joe and Wonderful 101. Translations of the key details can be found below via Wario64 & ryokutya2089.

  • First game Platinum owns the IP of 100% and are self-publishing
  • The game is completely different than anything they’ve made before, and they want to exceed and betray expectations
  • “Viewtiful Joe is a transformative hero like Kamen Rider”, “Wonderful 101 is a hero squadron”, “GG is a huge hero.”
  • The action feel of the game is important but not the main focus of the title
  • Launching on all existing platforms, as long as they can
  • The goal is to have 100 people working on it, but 15 people are actively working on it now
  • Tencent offered to publish and fund this game, but Platinum refused because they want full control and ownership
  • Last two Platinum 4 projects are new and not ports, the final one is a big secret and is very interesting.

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