Plug In Digital eShop Sale Now Live, Up To 80% Off Select Titles

Plug In Digital eShop Sale Now Live, Up To 80% Off Select Titles

Need some budget Switch games for your daily commute? Make sure to grab some of these indie gems for cheap during the holiday season!

Plug In Digital is currently hosting an eShop sale for their games on the Switch – from now until 31 December 2019 (11:59 pm PT). The sale will offer up to around 80% off for a number of the publisher’s titles, including the Knights of Pen & Paper series and NeuroVoider.

Check out the full sales list below:

GameOriginal PriceSales Price% Off
A Normal Lost Phone$5.99 $2.9950%
Anarcute$14.99 $11.9920%
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story$5.99 $2.9950%
Away: Journey to the Unexpected$16.99 $8.9947%
BAFL: Brakes Are For Losers$4.99 $1.9960%
Bombslinger$11.99 $4.9958%
Burly Men at Sea$9.99 $6.4935%
Bury me, my Love$4.99 $0.9980%
Dead in Vinland: True Viking Edition$27.99 $19.9929%
DragoDino$9.99 $4.9950%
Dungeon Rushers$14.99 $2.9980%
Hover$24.99 $9.9960%
Indie Gems Bundle: Explosions Edition$29.99 $26.9910%
Instant Sports$24.99 $19.9920%
Kill The Bad Guy$6.99 $3.4950%
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition$12.99 $7.9938%
Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle$22.49 $14.9933%
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition$14.99 $7.4950%
Lethis: Path of Progress$19.99 $17.9910%
Let’s Sing 2018$39.99 $19.9950%
Let’s Sing 2019$39.99 $31.9920%
Lost in Harmony$6.99 $1.9972%
Lost Phones Stories$9.99 $4.9950%
Momonga Pinball Adventures$5.99 $3.5940%
My Farm$9.99 $4.9950%
NeuroVoider$13.99 $5.9957%
Old School Musical$12.99 $6.4950%
Old School RPG Bundle$29.99 $22.4925%
Pankapu$11.99 $4.9958%
PictoQuest$9.99 $7.9920%
Shape of the World$14.99 $5.9960%
Skelittle: A Giant Party!$9.99 $8.9910%
Splasher$14.99 $4.4970%
Steredenn: Binary Stars$12.99 $4.9962%
Super Rocket Shootout$9.99 $1.9980%
The Next Penelope$12.99 $1.9985%
Transcripted$7.99 $1.4981%
White Night$14.99 $2.9980%
Zombie Night Terror$14.99 $8.9940%