[Update]: Pokeballs Invade The Official Pokemon Legends Arceus Website

[Update]: Pokeballs Invade The Official Pokemon Legends Arceus Website

The Pokemon Company has released an odd mini-game on the official Pokemon Legends Arceus website.

As shared on the Pokemon Twitter account, players can now visit a special page on the Pokemon Legends Arceus English and Japanese website, where they can play a mini-game where they try to pick up a bunch of Poke Balls that have been “dropped” on the page. The Tweet promises that “a surprise” will be shown if the player picks up all the balls.

Interestingly, the game resets on the Japanese website after players click on a particular Poke Ball which explodes and clears the entire screen. This mechanic has led some to speculate that this could be a hint towards a Hisuian variant of the Generation 1 Pokemon Voltorb, which is known for mimicking Poke balls as well as exploding. This speculation is further fueled by a number of rumors claiming that a Hisuian Voltorb will be among the new Pokemon introduced in the game.

In addition, a follow-up Tweet from the Pokemon Company also seems to be pointing towards a Hisuian Voltorb, claiming that the surprise “looks like Poke Balls”.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

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[Update]: The Pokemon Company have now confirmed that this tease was indeed for Hisuian Voltorb. More details can be found here.