Pokemon Cafe Taiwan Opens November 16, More Food Photos

Pokemon Cafe Taiwan Opens November 16, More Food Photos

Food Play, the operator of the official Pokemon Cafe in Taiwan, has announced new details about the limited time collaboration cafe.

Firstly the most important thing is the duration of the Pokemon Cafe. Food Play confirmed that the cafe will commence operations on November 16, 2017, which is a day before Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s global launch. The Pokemon Cafe will run for more than 2 months, as it’s last day of business is January 30, 2018. It’ll open at 11:30am and close at 10:30pm daily.

Secondly for those of you who are planning to reserve a table or two, take note that due to limited availability the cafe will not be taking any reservations, and the maximum number of diners you can bring is 8. You’ll have to line up and get a number outside the Pokemon Cafe, so make sure you’re there early. Once a table is available a notification will be sent to your phone via SMS. The table will only be held for 15 minutes.

Lastly here are some photos of some of the merchandise and food that will be available for purchase at the Pokemon Cafe. Don’t drool!

If you need details on the location of the Pokemon Cafe you can find them here (in Chinese).