Pokemon Center Reveals Fluffy Little Pokemon Series

Pokemon Center Reveals Fluffy Little Pokemon Series

The Pokemon Company has announced the first Pokemon Center merchandise lineup in 2019.

The series, called Fluffy Little Pokemon, features products designed with motifs of little Pokemon plushies. Fluffy Little Pokemon is scheduled to launch April 19, 2019 at Pokemon Center locations and Amazon Japan (we will let you know once pre-orders go live).

Check out the full product list, images, and prices below:

Mascot Bag Charm Pikachu Male 1,400 yen
Mascot Bag Charm Pikachu Female 1,300 yen
ID Holder with Reel 1,600 yen
Pass case with Chain 1,600 yen
Pouch 1,600 yen
Tissue Box 1,200 yen
Long Wallet 3,500 yen
Mini Tote Bag 1,800 yen
Hand Towel (Frill) 500 yen
Hand Towel (Jacket) 500 yen
Mini Bath Towel 2,000 yen
Handkerchief (Twin Pikachu) 650 yen
Handkerchief (Pattern) 650 yen
B6 Ring Notebook 600 yen
Pen Case 1,400 yen
Masking Tape 3 Set 800 yen
Sticker with Rame Cloth Resin 600 yen
A4 Clear File 2 Set 460 yen
Fusen Set 500 yen
Memo in a Box 900 yen

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

All items will be available on Amazon Japan