Pokemon Center Singapore Will Have Six Exclusive Products At Launch

Pokemon Center Singapore Will Have Six Exclusive Products At Launch

Today, NintendoSoup has more information to deliver to you about the upcoming Pokemon Center Singapore, scheduled to open on April 17, 2019.

As you know there hasn’t been much information on the exclusive products releasing at Pokemon Center Singapore. Today we have on good word that there are six exclusives, but technically speaking they aren’t exclusives at all since they were released in some form or another in Japan in earlier years.

The first two, which were officially announced in 2019, are the Pilot and Cabin Attendant (CA) Pikachu plushies. These are similar to the ones released at various Pokemon Store locations in Japan:

Besides the plushies are mascot versions of the Pilot and CA Pikachu plush. The keychains for the mascots have been changed from metal to plastic. Keep in mind the photo below (Kansai International Airport version) is for reference only as we do not have official photos yet:

Last but not least are the plush and mascot from the Ride on Lapras series. The Ride on Lapras series originally launched in March 2018 in Japan. Apparently the reprints of the plush and mascot are exclusive to Pokemon Center Singapore, so they are still calling them exclusives. Once again the keychain part of the mascot has been changed to plastic so keep that in mind:

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