Pokemon Center Tohoku Renewal commemorative merch announced

Pokemon Center Tohoku Renewal commemorative merch announced

To commemorate the re-opening of Pokemon Center Tohoku, a new lineup of merchandise will be launched across Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan on June 30, 2017.

Every Pokemon Center in Japan is represented by three different Pokemon, and Pokemon Center Tohoku R is no different from this rule. Pikachu, Rowlet, and Victini will be representing Pokemon Center Tohoku R, and as such, Pokemon Center Tohoku R’s commemorative merchandise will heavily feature the three.

New releases of Costume Pikachu plush have been largely absent this year (other than the Vulpix Costume Pikachu plush back in February), but they’re about to make a return with the adorable Rowlet and Victini Costume Pikachu plush. These will be available across Pokemon Centers in Japan.

Jirachi Costume Pikachu plush will be making its first appearance as well, however it will only be exclusively sold at Pokemon Center Tohoku R.

And if you’re looking for something other than Pikachu, a standard size Jirachi plush will be sold in all Pokemon Centers.

A list of other merchandise and pictures from the Pokemon Center Tohoku R Commemorative lineup can be found below. All prices are exclusive of the 8% Japanese sales tax.

Rowlet/Victini Costume Pikachu plush 2,000 yen
Rowlet/Victini Costume Pikachu mascot 1,200 yen
Pikachu/Victini/Jirachi Kokeshi Doll plush 1,000 yen
Jirachi plush 1,500 yen
A4 clear file 240 yen
Mug 1,200 yen
Acrylic Charm Collection 500 yen
Pokemon TCG Deck Case and Stickers 1,000 yen
Sketch Book SQ 530 yen
Pouch 600 yen
Metal Charm Set Pikachu/Jirachi 550 yen
Fusen set 500 yen
Post card 150 yen
Metal Charm Set Kokeshi Doll 800 yen
Face towel 1,000 yen
Hand towel 500 yen
Metal Charm Set featuring Rowlet, Victini, and Jirachi Costume Pikachu 900 yen

<Pokemon Center Tohoku Exclusive>
Jirachi Costume Pikachu plush 2,000 yen
Jirachi Costume Pikachu mascot 1,200 yen
Logo pin 630 yen