Pokemon Center Unveils Lifesize Meltan And Melmetal Plushies

Pokemon Center Unveils Lifesize Meltan And Melmetal Plushies

The Pokemon Company has announced the first ever Meltan and Melmetal products for Pokemon Center Japan.

The most important of them all are the first Pokemon Center plushies featuring Meltan and Melmetal. A lifesize plush of Meltan is in the works, along with the standard size plush of Melmetal.

Other products coming the same day include Meltan and Melmetal themed products for school-going children such as stationery, lunchboxes, and more.

The Meltan and Melmetal series launches March 23, 2019 at Pokemon Center Japan locations and Amazon Japan. We will let you know once pre-orders go live.

Check out the products, prices, and images below:

Plush Lifesize Meltan 1,500 yen (★)
Plush Melmetal 3,500 yen (★)
Free Use Notebook  170 yen
Mini Free Use Notebook  130 yen
A4 Clear File  240 yen
Desk Pad  250 yen
2B Pencil 12 Set  690 yen (★)
B Pencil 12 Set  690 yen (★)
Red Pencil 2 Set  150 yen
Red Blue Pencil 2 Set  150 yen
Pencil Cap  270 yen
Folding Ruler  300 yen
Eraser  150 yen
Sticker  400 yen
Ruler  250 yen
T-shirt (110/130) 2,500 yen each (★)
Mini Drawstring Pouch  400 yen
Drawstring Pouch  600 yen (★)
Handkerchief  340 yen
Puchi Towel  380 yen
Acrylic Keychain Meltan 600 yen (★)
Acrylic Keychain Melmetal 600 yen (★)
PokeDex Metal Charm 808・809 350 yen
Dishwasher Compatible Tight Lunchbox  1,100 yen (★)
Dishwasher Compatible Chopsticks in a Case  560 yen (★)
Dishwasher Compatible Plastic Cup S  390 yen
Dishwasher Compatible One Button Drinking Bottle  1,500 yen (★)
Bento Sack  690 yen (★)
Cup Sack  610 yen (★)
Napkin  500 yen (★)

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked(★) will be available on Amazon Japan