Pokemon Center’s Pikachu’s Sweet Treats Merch Now Available For Purchase

Pokemon Center’s Pikachu’s Sweet Treats Merch Now Available For Purchase

A new and adorable lineup of Pokemon Center merchandise called Pikachu’s Sweet Treats has just launched in Japan today.

These products are now available to import from Amazon Japan (purchase links provided below). Check out our guide first if you are new to shopping on Amazon Japan.

Let’s take a look at them below!

First up is none other than this adorable Pikachu Pair plush, dressed up to make some sweets. Buy here.

Up next is a keychain featuring the Pikachu Pair and other cute stuff. Buy here.

Keychains aren’t your thing? Check out this metal charm set featuring both Pikachu and cupcakes that look like Bewear and Swablu. Buy here.

Up next is an A4 clear file featuring artwork from Pikachu’s Sweet Treats.

Closer look at what kind of treats Pikachu have made for their friends.

New to Pokemon Centers for the first time are cookie cutters. You can make your very own Sweet Treats with these! Buy here.

Silicon molds are also available, if you prefer them over cookie cutters. Buy here.

Have your treats on a placemat featuring Pikachu’s Sweet Treats. Buy here.

Another first to the Pokemon Center lineup are dish cloth sets. Buy here.

Here’s what you can use to put your cookies in! *Available in Japan only

Make a lovely Pikachu’s Sweet Treats gift bag for any occasion. *Available in Japan only

Paper bags available too. *Available in Japan only

Carry your belongings in this Pikachu’s Sweet Treats pouch that looks like a cookie. Buy here.

This mug looks like a heart from above. Buy here.

Here’s how the mug’s packaging looks like.

More useful items for daily life – hand towel and drawstring pouch.

Nothing screams “I love you” more than this cushion. Buy here.

Here’s a few more products that we don’t have photos of. You can check them out here: Roll Box Stickers, Memo Set

And here’s more treats which you can only purchase in Japan: