Pokemon Center’s Pokemon Time 2018 Merchandise Up For Pre-Order

Pokemon Center’s Pokemon Time 2018 Merchandise Up For Pre-Order

Amazon Japan has started offering international shipping for Pokemon Center’s official line of Pokemon Time 2018 merchandise designed by play set products.

Most products shown here are now available for purchase on Amazon Japan (purchase links provided below). Ships worldwide as long as the seller indicated is “Amazon.co.jp”. Check out our guide first if you are new to shopping on Amazon Japan.

First up are the Pokemon Time mascots! There are lifesize plush dolls as well (not pictured in the photos here).

Life size Plush: Rowlet / Mimikyu / Cosmog

Mascot: Rowlet / Bewear / Alola Vulpix / Midnight Form Lycanroc / Mimikyu / Litten / Cosmog / Poppilo

Next up is a Pikachu plush wearing college jacket. Buy here.

If you want to wear the same jacket as Pikachu, you can buy it below (other designs also available).

Pikachu College Jacket: S / M / L

Charizard College Jacket: S / M / L

Raikou College Jacket: S / M / L

IIIIfit for iPhone8/7/6s/6 smartphone jacket: Mimikyu / Cosmog / Rowlet

Memo in a Box: Mimikyu / Cosmog / Rowlet

Ball Pen: Mimikyu / Cosmog / Rowlet

A4 Clear File (2 in a set): Mimikyu / Cosmog / Rowlet

Ankle Socks

Glittering Can Collection

Check out more products here (not pictured): 58cm/60cm caps for Pikachu, Raikou, Charizard, Rayquaza