Pokemon Fossil Museum Exclusive Merchandise Revealed In Japan

Pokemon Fossil Museum Exclusive Merchandise Revealed In Japan

Last month, The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Fossil Museum, a travelling exhibit which will combines Pokemon and paleontology. Well, visitors will be able to grab their hands on some special goods to celebrate the roaming event!

The Pokemon Company has revealed exclusive merchandise that will be available wherever the exhibit is being hosted at the time. Namely, the collection features an exclusive new Pikachu plush and some other neat products like a color-changing mug!

Check them out below:

  • Excavation Pikachu Plush*  2,310 yen
  • Pokemon fossil museum pictorial record  1,980 yen
  • Color changing mug  1,980 yen
  • T-shirt (3 types) 130 cm 150 cm  3,300 yen each / free size  3,520 yen each
  • Bandana (2 types)  1,320 yen each
  • Tote bag (2 types)  1,980 yen each
  • Jiyuucho  330 yen
  • 4P memo  605 yen
  • A4 Clear file (2 types)  385 yen each
  • Knock type eraser (orange) / knock type eraser (blue)  385 yen each
  • Can badge collection  495 yen each
    • 12 types in total. It will be a blind package. Pattern cannot be chosen.
  • Acrylic key chain (4 types)  715 yen each
  • Pikachu Rubber key chain (2 types)  858 yen each

*Will also be available at Pokemon Center Sapporo and Pokemon Store New Chitose Aiport while the exhibit is in Mikasa City Museum.