Pokemon GO Anime Tie-In Details Revealed + Special Box Sale

Pokemon GO Anime Tie-In Details Revealed + Special Box Sale

Previously, we reported that the April 7 episode of the Pokemon anime in Japan would feature Pokemon GO in some capacity. Now, the exact details of the tie-in appear to have been revealed, courtesy of Serebii.net.

According to Serebii, the tie-in relates to the Ash-cap Pikachu photobombing event that started on April 1st. Players can send in an AR photo of Ash-cap Pikachu in Pokemon GO, for a chance to get their photo featured in a segment that airs together with the April 7 Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime episode. This appears to be the full extent of the Pokemon GO anime tie-in, but we will bring more information should this turn out not to be the case.

The full details of the tie-in are as follows:

– It is a collab between Pokémon Company and TV Tokyo
– Send in an AR Photo featuring Pikachu with the Original Cap on Twitter using the hashtags #GOsnapshot & #アニポケ
– Participants must be following the official Japanese Pokémon GO Twitter account
– There’s a chance that your pic will be shown in a segment that airs with the episode of the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime that episode airs on Sunday, April 7th 2019 on TV Tokyo in Japan
– Players have until 12:00 JST on April 2nd, 2019 to enter

In addition, a special box sale has also started, featuring the following items:

– Special Box – 480 Coins – 20 Ultra Balls, 2 Premium Raid Pass, 2 Incense, 3 Egg Incubator
– Great Box – 780 Coins – 4 Premium Raid Pass, 3 Super Incubator, 4 Incense & 4 Lucky Egg
– Ultra Box – 1480 Coins – 10 Premium Raid Pass, 10 Super Incubator, 4 Incense, 4 Star Piece
– Adventure Box – 1480 Coins – 11 Super Incubators, 4 Incense, 4 Star Piece, 4 Egg Incubators

What do you think? Will you be entering the competition? Let us know in the comments below.