Pokemon Go Brawl Puts Father And Son Under Arrest

Pokemon Go Brawl Puts Father And Son Under Arrest

An elderly father and his adult son have been arrested for causing assaulting a fellow Pokemon Go player following a Pokemon Go related dispute.

The 71-year-old, Robert Matteuzzi, and his 31-year-old son, Angelo Matteuzzi, are currently charged with third-degree assault by the St. Louis County prosecutors for hitting a Pokemon Go player. The Matteuzzis claim that the Pokemon Go player had allegedly “stolen their gym”

A bystander took video of the encounter and caught Robert Matteuzzi holding the victim down while his son hit the victim’s head and face several times, [Kirkwood Police Officer Matthew] Waggoner wrote. The victim suffered cuts to his face, a ‘traumatic’ eye injury and a broken finger tip.

Gaming can bring out the best in us, it can also bring the worst in us. Hopefully, it will bring more of the best in us, rather than such incidents of barbarism.


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