Pokemon GO Has Surpassed $3.6 Billion In Lifetime Revenue

Pokemon GO Has Surpassed $3.6 Billion In Lifetime Revenue

As Pokemon GO hits its fourth anniversary this week, here’s a closer look at its performance so far!

Sensor Tower has released a new analysis on the mobile title, with new insights into its revenue and downloads. According to their analysis, Pokemon GO has now pulled in over $3.6 billion worldwide ever since its original debut in 2016 – with US, Japan, and Germany being the top-spending countries worldwide!

Here are the full highlights of the report below:

Player Spending

  • In the first half of 2020, Pokémon GO has generated $445.3 million
    • 2019 was a record year for player spending in the title, with Pokémon GO generating $905 million globally
    • The previous best year was 2016, when it generated an estimated $832.5 million in just six months
  • The United States has generated close to $1.3 billion, or 35.4 percent of player spending
  • Japan ranks No. 2 and Germany rounds out the top three
  • Google Play accounts for $1.9 billion, or 53.6 percent of player spending
  • The App Store has generated close to $1.7 billion, or 46.4 percent total revenue


  • To date, Pokémon GO has accumulated 576.7 million unique downloads worldwide
    • The U.S. accounts for 105.2 million, or 18.2 percent
    • Brazil is No. 2 with close to 63 million downloads, while Mexico ranks No. 3 with more than 36 million installs, or 6.3 percent
  • Google Play represents the largest share of downloads, accounting for more than 450 million downloads, or 78.3 percent
  • The App Store accounts for 125.4 million installs, or 21.7 percent

We’ll report back as we continue to hear more about the game in the future. Stay tuned!