Pokemon GO Is Getting “Lucky Pokemon” And New Berry

Pokemon GO Is Getting “Lucky Pokemon” And New Berry

Dataminers have completed excavating the secrets deep inside Pokemon GO’s latest version 0.111.2 update. Here’s what they have found.

The biggest secret revealed is a new type of Pokemon called Lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon require 50% of Stardust to power up and have custom animation, background, and camera effects. It’s implied through the game code that Lucky Pokemon may have something to do with trading. We’ll probably find out how it works once the feature goes live in the very near future.

Next, a new Pinap Berry, nicknamed Silver Pinap Berry, will increase the amount of candy received when capturing Pokemon from encounters.

Niantic have also completed their preparations for Celebi’s worldwide encounter, which could go live at any moment. Finally, here are other points that you may be interested in:

New features that were outlined in the official change log:

  • You can sort the Friends list and add nicknames to your friends
  • You can remove Gifts to remove clutter from your inventory
  • You can search for Traded Pokemon
  • Gifts can contain Stardust which is absolutely awesome

Some new features we found in the code base

  • Two new quest types
  • Badges for APAC (Asia and Pacific) partners:
  • A ton of new telemetry and logging features.