Pokemon Go loyalist are fervent daily players

Pokemon Go loyalist are fervent daily players

A survey conducted by marketing company Fluent LLC concluded that although the Pokemon Go craze has fizzled out, loyal players are still playing it daily.

The online survey conducted last month in June showed a great deal of insight for the one-year-old game. For example, for people without Pokemon Go downloaded on their phones, 97% stated that they are not inclined to download it, meaning that most of the revenue growth is coming from its loyal fan base.

Speaking of loyal fan base, the survey asked about their playing habits. Over a third of the respondents said that they still play Pokemon Go on a daily basis and more than 41% of the players will rate the game as “Excellent”.

Adding on, the survey also asked about how Pokemon Go has changed their lives in terms of lifestyle. 68% of respondents said that they have been walking more since playing Pokemon Go in search of rare Pokemon. Restaurants and local monuments have also benefited from the Pokemon Go effect with 59% of the respondents saying that they have patronised a restaurant or cafe because they are Pokestops. The list continues.

To read more about the survey conducted, you can visit Venture Beat here, they have compiled a lengthy list of statistics collected from the survey.