Pokemon GO Safari Zone To Be Held At Yokosuka

Pokemon GO Safari Zone To Be Held At Yokosuka

The final part of Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018, Pokemon GO Safari Zone, is taking place at Yokosuka City, Japan.

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Yokosuka kicks off on August 29 and lasts until September 2, 2018. Three city parks, Mikasa, Verny, and Kurihama, are the venues for the Safari Zone.

During the event, players will encounter Pokemon not typically found in Japan, such as Tropius, Unown, and more. Raid Battles will be disabled at event locations.

To participate in the event, you’ll need to register on Yokosuka City’s special website (free). Registrations begin on July 6 and end on July 20. Should applications exceed the event’s capacity, a drawing will be held. Trainers selected will receive a ticket with a 2D barcode. Without the ticket, you won’t be able to encounter any Pokemon at the Safari Zone.

While the event is being held from August 29 to September 2, Pokemon such as Feebas and Torchic will spawn more frequently in Japan, while Wingull will appear more frequently worldwide, including its Shiny form.