Pokemon HOME To Introduce New Anti-Cheat Measures For Hacked Pokemon

Pokemon HOME To Introduce New Anti-Cheat Measures For Hacked Pokemon

The Pokemon Company has announced that some new anti-cheat measures are coming to Pokemon HOME.

This information comes from an official news post in the Pokemon HOME app, explaining that the new anti-cheat measures will be introduce to address Pokemon that have “Altered Attributes” in Pokemon HOME.

According to the post, these Pokemon apparently cannot be obtained through trading or normal gameplay, so innocent players will not have to worry about being caught in the crossfire.

You can read the post below:

“Thank you very much for your continued support of Pokémon HOME. We have addressed an issue regarding Pokémon with altered attributes being deposited in Pokémon HOME. The details are below.

Anticheating Measures

It has come to our attention that some users have deposited Pokémon with altered attributes to Pokémon HOME, causing the app to function in ways that were not intended. In response, we will be addressing the presence of these altered Pokémon in Pokémon HOME.”

“Note: The altered Pokémon addressed in this notice cannot be obtained through any of Pokémon HOME’s trading systems or through normal gameplay in any game in the Pokémon series.”

Currently, it is unknown exactly what form these anti-cheat measures will take. We will be sure to bring more details as they come.

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