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On Nintendo Switch And Smartphone | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Home Will Have Different Features On Nintendo Switch And Smartphone

Pokemon Home Will Have Different Features On Nintendo Switch And Smartphone

The Pokemon Company has announced the differences between the smartphone and Nintendo Switch versions of Pokemon Home.

First, the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Home will allow players to connect to Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon Sword/Shield. It’d also be possible to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home on the Switch version, and exchange Pokemon Home Points for BP (Battle Points).

Next, the smartphone version of Pokemon Home allows players to do other things, such as trading Pokemon, receive Mystery Gifts, look at Battle Data from Pokemon Sword/Shield and future games, and receive notifications.

Please keep in mind that you’ll always be using the same account to access Pokemon Home on both Nintendo Switch and smartphone, so you can access all your Pokemon in one place.

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