Pokemon Masters Developer Discusses The Game’s Trainer Selection, Future Plans, And More

Pokemon Masters Developer Discusses The Game’s Trainer Selection, Future Plans, And More

Following its global launch earlier this week, Pokemon.com has published a new interview with Pokemon Masters developer Yu Sasaki, who shared some behind-the-scenes details about the title.

During the interview, Sasaki discussed various aspects of the game’s development and planned updates. This includes details about how they went about choosing trainers for the game, as well as the sort of content we can expect to be added moving forward. Check out some highlights below:

Working With TPC

” It was a great honor to have artwork drawn by Ken Sugimori himself for this game.”

“We have worked with The Pokémon Company closely on details in the game, and they have of course checked our new details to make sure they fit in the world of Pokémon. One of the major new features of this game—and the content that we want to highlight—is the interaction between various Trainers. Players will be able to enjoy new and exciting interactions between Trainers who may not have interacted before.”

“To create these interactions, we considered the personalities and backgrounds of these Trainers and made sure that our content did not deviate from that. If a character would never say or do a certain thing, we made sure that they do not in our game.”

Regarding Trainer Selection

“We looked at a variety of factors, such as the popularity of individual Trainers, but Pokémon is also a franchise with a long and storied history, and we wanted to make sure we drew on Trainers from throughout that history, without having too many Trainers coming from just one area.”

“We are looking into the possibility of featuring some of the professor characters in the future. At this point, we have nothing to share about featuring characters from the spin-off Pokémon games.”

Future Updates

“We are planning to release new content every month for players to enjoy.”

“At launch, we have some difficult gameplay for the higher-level Pokémon players, and going forward we plan to add new challenging content for these players to enjoy.”

If you’re interested in reading the full interview for yourself, you can find it here.

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