Pokemon Masters Six-Month Anniversary, Battle Villa, And More Upcoming Content Detailed

Pokemon Masters Six-Month Anniversary, Battle Villa, And More Upcoming Content Detailed

DeNA has published Vol.7 of “A Message From The Pokemon Masters Team”, detailing the latest updates for Pokemon Masters.

The update mainly focuses on the Six-Month Anniversary Celebration which starts on February 28th, which will introduce Red & Charizard, as well as the Battle Villa.  The team also talks about a few other features in the pipeline, including Pokemon Eggs.

Check out a summary of the key details below, or read the full message here:

Six-Month Anniversary

  • Red will make his highly anticipated debut on Pasio.
  • Red & Charizard will be a powerful sync pair so we hope you’re excited to see their skills firsthand.
  • Story events now feature an event map to help you progress through them.
  • Make your way through the event map using travel tokens obtained via event battles.
  • As you progress through the event map, you can access new areas and receive a variety of rewards.
  • Check out the makeover we’ve given the Pokémon Center, too!
  • During the celebration, receive over 10,000 gems from log-in bonuses, missions, and more.

Battle Villa

  • The Battle Villa will be added as a new place to battle on Pasio.
  • This new battle challenge allows many more sync pairs to show off their skills at a time, so be sure to give it a shot!
  • The Battle Villa is a special challenge where you form a roster of up to nine sync pairs and battle your way through a series of battle stages known as halls, with your ultimate goal being to win in the final hall before the challenge period ends.
  • You can earn lots of completion rewards by completing these battles, including special rewards called lucky cookies and lucky scrolls.
    • You can use the lucky cookies and lucky scrolls to teach your sync pairs new lucky skills. At the end of the challenge period, you can earn final milestone rewards, such as gems that correspond to the number of halls you completed during the challenge period.
  • In the Battle Villa, your allies’ HP and Move Points (MP)remaining at the end of a battle carry over to the next battle.
    • You’ll need to come up with all-new battle strategies, such as using high-endurance support sync pairs to protect your hard-hitting strike sync pairs.
    • Your opponents’ HPalso carry over, so you might need to rely on your whole roster of sync pairs to emerge victorious from the halls of the Battle Villa.
    • Mastering the capabilities of many different sync pairs will work to your advantage in this special challenge, so start training and aim to conquer the Battle Villa!

Future Updates

  • We currently have a number of plans in the pipeline, including introducing Pokémon Eggs, as well as making various improvements to legendary events and the Sync Grid feature.
  • Our next message will provide information about upcoming updates. This message from the Pokémon Masters team is scheduled for mid-March 2020.

The Pokemon Company also published a trailer for the Six-Month Anniversary Event, which you can watch below:

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