Pokemon Masters Update Adds Pokemon Eggs, Daily Scout, Tactics Feature, And More

Pokemon Masters Update Adds Pokemon Eggs, Daily Scout, Tactics Feature, And More

DeNA has published another major update for Pokemon Masters, adding a massive amount of new features to the game.

The new content added include the long-awaited Pokemon Egg system, Daily Scout, a Tactics feature, as well as general bugfixes and improvements.

You can check out a rundown of all the changes below:

  • Pokemon Eggs
    • Players can choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander eggs when starting the game.
    • Eggs hatch after you have completed a certain number of areas.
    • You can give nicknames to the Pokémon you hatch from Eggs as well as form a sync pair together and take them into battle.
    • Three types of Eggs will appear in this update.
    • There are plans to add various other Pokémon Eggs in the future, so keep an eye out for them!
    • Affinity
      • Raising the affinity of Pokémon hatched from Eggs makes them more powerful.
      • Affinity can be raised by giving Berry Tarts.
      • The 1★ Berry Tart and 2★Berry Tart will be obtainable outside of the Exchange Items General category in a future update.
      • A 3★ Berry Tart, which is required to raise the affinity of a Pokémon beyond level 3, will added in a future update.
  • Daily Scout
    • A free version of the Sync Pair Scout where players can earn items and Sync Pairs
    • Can only be done once daily
  • Tactics Feature
    • Allows players to choose which of their Sync Pairs gets attacked first during battle
  • Other Additions
    • Made a change so that the icons of duplicate sync pairs obtained via sync pair scout can be viewed on the Results screen.
    • Made a change so that battle rewards are displayed on the Area Details screen.
    • Reward Boost Tickets have been added.
      • Reward Boost Tickets can be used in certain areas to increase the amount of completion rewards and battle rewards obtained.
      • Note: Check out the upcoming notice for more information about which areas they can be used in.
      • Made a change so that the Optimize feature can be directly selected from the battle preparation screen of areas with three-player teams.
      • Made a change so that an optimized team based on the area’s recommended types can be formed automatically on the battle preparation screen as well as the Edit Team screen.
      • The Level Up Sync Moves option, which increases the damage and effectiveness of sync moves and increases the attack power of moves, has now been renamed to Level Up Moves to better represent the aforementioned features.
      • The Increase Potential section of the Team menu has been changed to Potential & Move Level. This screen can now be used to increase a sync pair’s number of ★s as well as level up their moves.
      • You can level up a sync pair’s moves by going to the Team menu and selecting Potential & Move Level, and then pressing the Level Up Moves button.
      • When you acquire a sync pair that you have already teamed up with through methods such as the sync pair scout, their move level can be raised to a maximum of 5.
      • Note: Once a move reaches its level 5 max, you’ll receive a ★ power-up with the same number of ★s as the duplicate sync pair instead.
      • To coincide with this change, Move Candy, which are items used to level up moves, have been added.
      • Made a change so that the role and weakness type names are displayed when the corresponding icons are tapped on the sync pair details screen.
      • Adjusted Battle Villa co-op battle rewards and applied a restriction to the number of plays available per day.
      • The sync orb chance feature has ended.
      • Made other minor changes for consistency and text fixes.
      • Other minor bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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