More Pokemon Mocchi Mocchi Plushies Heading To Japan

More Pokemon Mocchi Mocchi Plushies Heading To Japan

Takara Tomy is releasing a brand new lineup of Pokemon Mocchi Mocchi plushies on October 26, 2017.

Mocchi Mocchi plushies have an oval shape and are the perfect plush to squeeze like a stress ball. Most Mocchi Mocchi plush come in mini size, but there’s a medium size plush which we will show you later.

The Mocchi Mocchi plushies are now available for pre-order on Amazon Japan (eligible for international shipping), so if you see something that you like feel free to check out the link to purchase.

First up we have the Smiling Pikachu Mocchi Mocchi. This is the first Pikachu Mocchi Mocchi to be smiling.

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If you’re a Snorlax fan, you’ll fall in love with the Snorlax Mocchi Mocchi! Most companies usually make large size plushies of Snorlax since it’s depicted as a humongous Pokemon in the anime, but if you’re looking for something small this is for you.

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The Psychic Pokemon Psyduck has gotten its very own Mocchi Mocchi for the first time!

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Just like Psyduck, Marill is getting the Mocchi Mocchi treatment for the first time.

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Last but not least we have the medium size Bewear Mocchi Mocchi plush. This Mocchi Mocchi is 38cm tall and weighs 300g. The price tag is much higher too.

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