Pokemon Sword And Shield Trending Worldwide On Twitter

Pokemon Sword And Shield Trending Worldwide On Twitter

After Pokemon Sword and Shield were announced, Twitter users went crazy and made several Pokemon Sword and Shield related keywords trend on Twitter.

In Japan, Pokemon is the No. 1 trending keyword at 361,000 tweets, followed by Scorbunny at 76,200 tweets, Sobble at 72,700 tweets, and Grookey at at 66,300 tweets. The GaEven Aegislash was trending at 28,800 tweets. The Galar region trends at 84,600 tweets.

In the United States, #PokemonSworldShield and #PokemonDirect are the No. 2 and No. 3 trending topics respectively. Pokemon trends at 600,000 tweets, while all three starters trend between 24,500 and 35,700 tweets each.

Similar things are happening in France, with #PokemonDirect taking No. 1 on the trending list, alongside other Pokemon hashtags:

In Germany, 9 out of 10 top trending keywords are related to Pokemon:

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